The simple answer to this question is YES. Yes, you can pass your Malayalam NAATI even if you do not know to read or/and write in Malayalam. Why are we confident? The reason is simple. NAATI exam does not evaluate your reading and writing skills. It evaluates how accurately you are able to translate or communicate from Malayalam to English, and vice versa.

If you know to read and write, that simply means that you are more proficient in Malayalam. That is good for you as you will be more confident in approaching this exam. However, it is not essential for you to know how to read or/and write in Malayalam for you to pass this exam in your very first attempt. There are multiple ways to ensure that you are passing your Malayalam NAATI in your very first attempt. JMSNAATI is an expert in helping you pass your NAATI exam in your very first attempt. The courses are designed to teach you, and includes some of the below aspects:

  1. How the exam is conducted. NAATI is an online technical exam. You must have to understand the technical aspects of the exam for you to pass it in the very first attempt.
  2. How to respond to each segment. In this exam you are expected to interpret two dialogues (full conversation between two people). Each dialogue is further divided into segments. Segments means alternating turns of speech in a conversation between an English speaker and a speaker speaking Language Other Than English (LOTE). You are required to infer the segments from English to LOTE and vice versa. JMS Malayalam NAATI course will teach you exactly how to do this interpretation.
  3. How to learn the vocabulary. One of the key aspects to pass your Malayalam NAATI is the vocabulary. JMS NAATI will provide you with the repeated vocabulary list in Malayalam, which in turn will help you pass your Malayalam NAATI.
  4. Repeated Dialogues. JMS Malayalam NAATI course will provide you with all the past repeated questions. This will instantly increase your chances of passing the Malayalam NAATI exam in your very first attempt.
  5. The courses are for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months
  6. The delivery is completely online via Zoom
  7. All materials required to study this course are provided online
  8. 5 Mock exams with individual feedback before you write the exam
  9. Mock exams can also be done online with self-study tips
  10. Experience Malayalee teachers who have excellent command over English and Malayalam languages.